Ceasefire Generation

Ceasefire Generation

What is it like to grow up in post-conflict Northern Ireland? What are the issues facing the so-called Ceasefire Generation?

In early 2020, we sat down with ten young people to talk to them about life in Northern Ireland. From these interviews, we’ve created a 6-part docuseries offering a portrayal of the attitudes, reflections, passions and ambitions of a generation of young people born after 1998 - the Ceasefire Generation.

Produced by LUMI, QFT's younger half, with post-production by Outpost. Made thanks to funding from the Community Relations Council.

Subtitles are available for each episode (turn on by pressing the CC button).

You can find out more about the project on QFT's website: https://bit.ly/3dWTCax

Ceasefire Generation
  • Cultural Identity

    How do you identify?

    Ceasefire Generation kicks off with an open and honest discussion about cultural identity. In Northern Ireland it's presented as a binary, but how do the Ceasefire Generation see themselves?

    Produced by LUMI, with post-production by Outpost, Ceasefire Generation gives the m...

  • The Troubles

    What impact have The Troubles had on the generation that grew up in Northern Ireland after the Good Friday Agreement?

    Our contributors reflect on the Troubles, talking about how they learned about it and its effect on those born in its aftermath.

    Produced by LUMI, with post-production by Outpos...

  • Growing Up LGBTQ

    Northern Ireland has been slow to accept progressive attitudes. What is it like for those in the Ceasefire Generation who are LGBTQ+? In this episode, we hear from Jack and Finn about their experiences growing up trans and bi respectively.

    Produced by LUMI, with post-production by Outpost, Cease...

  • Mental Health

    Studies suggest nearly half of all young people in Northern Ireland have experienced a mental health problem. Our contributors weren't specifically asked about the mental health crisis, but it was on their minds. In this episode, our contributors reflect on the crisis and what needs to be done ab...

  • Multiculturalism & Racism

    Northern Ireland is not a monoculture. In this episode of Ceasefire Generation, Mosa and Madeeha share their experiences of growing up here, reflecting on the racism that is too rarely spoken about or challenged.

    Produced by LUMI, with post-production by Outpost, Ceasefire Generation gives the m...

  • Hopes & Dreams

    Ceasefire Generation closes with reflections from some of our contributors on their hopes and dreams, both personal and for Northern Ireland.

    Produced by LUMI, with post-production by Outpost, Ceasefire Generation gives the mic to the generation born after 1998 to hear how they feel about life h...