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Free Collection

Free films for you to watch at home. Shorts, features, documentaries, director Q&As, contemporary musical theatre, literary events - some will appear here for a limited time, some will stick around for a while.

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Free Collection
  • Mental Abuse Matters - a short animation by Lucy Baxter

    How do you translate a complex and turbulent inner state into a visual medium like film, animation or virtual reality? Mental abuse is a widespread but often hidden phenomenon that is extremely difficult to articulate. But it is a challenge the Mental Abuse Matters project (MAM) embraces, aiming ...

  • Furloughed - a short film by Dominic Curran

    A dog accompanies his owner through the highs and lows of quarantine. A short film by Dominic Curran with music by Chris W Ryan.

    Dir: Dominic Curran | 2020 | UK | 8 mins

  • Trouble Q&A with Mariah Garnett & Eoin Dara

    Artist and filmmaker Mariah Garnett discusses her debut feature Trouble with curator Eoin Dara.

    Mariah Garnett’s intimate and inventive biographical portrait of her artist father recounts in his own words his past as a political activist in Belfast and his daughter’s unlikely influence on his li...

  • Becoming Cherrie - Matthew Cavan's HIV Story

    The film tells the story of actor and performer Matthew Cavan, aka Belfast’s most-loved drag artist, Cherrie Ontop.

    Diagnosed HIV-positive aged 20, Matthew struggled to find acceptance in conservative Northern Irish society. Coming from a religious family in Carrickfergus, Matthew was kicked out...